YPAL Meeting in Stuttgart

YPAL Stuttgart

Brought together upon invitation of the Union of Theatres of Europe and Schauspiel Stuttgart, members of the YPAL network met in Germany to participate in the TERRORisms Festival of the Schauspiel Stuttgart.

The group consisted in 20 young spectators - students and professionals of diverse professions - coming from Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Germany, Italy, Israel and Romania.

They attended the performances created for the TERRORims project, they shared their impressions and points of view, they discussed what it means to be a spectator today, they participated in workshops and they explored new ways of communicating their experiences.

To keep a record of their meeting in Stuttgart, they created a blog in the form an impressioninst memory book, bringing together pictures, notes and videos.

Visit the blog of the YPAL meeting in Stuttgart and discover the video created by Hannah, Louisa, Miriam, Fanny and Rénilde, as a spontaneous and joyful tribute to the performance We Chew on the Bones of Time (production: National Theatre of Oslo).