Workshop with Roger Vontobel

On the occasion of the Italian premiere of [FI'LO:TAS] in Palermo, German stage director Roger Vontobel directed a workshop for actors dedicated to Italian playwright Franco Scaldati.

The German translation by Walter and Rita Seuss Kögler of Il Pozzo dei pazzi (The Virtue of the fools) offered the basis to explore the possibilities to stage Franco Scaldati's texts in a non original language. A reflection already initiated by Maurizio Donadoni in Palermo.

Open to 20 Italian actors, joined by German actors Jana Schulz and Hans-Caspar Gattiker, the workshop ended on the 10th August with a reading-performance of Il Pozzo dei pazzi, performed by the participants.

Finally, on the 3rd August, young actress Jana Schulz was on the stage of the Teatro Garibaldi di Palermo to perform [FI'LO:TAS], a monologue inspired by Lessing, written and directed by Roger Vontobel and produced by the Schauspielhaus Bochum.


Roger Vontobel | Franco Scaldati

2 - 10 August, 2014