We are the city!


DAS DETROIT PROJEKT initiates an international Lab in order to learn from each other. Here, artists and scientists from the four cities meet and exchange their experiences and strategies. Starting in Bochum, they visit the other cities to see the changes on-site and meet in different ways. In Bochum, the international Lab will start with a public symposium presenting the participants and initiating discussions.

Amongst others, Igor Stkfiszewski of the activist and theory group krytikapolityczna from Poland, the architecture collective Basurama with Patrizia di monte (architect, Zaragoza) and José Carlos Arnal (head of the Center for Art and Technology, Zaragoza) from Spain, Mike Stubbs (director/CEO of FACT: Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) from Liverpool will participate in the Lab.

As a very special guest, Tyree Guyton from Detroit will give an account of his experiences: since 27 years, he has developed art that changes the city with the Heidelberg Project. Guyton and his project are examples of the ascent of Detroit, a city that has been fighting against its decline since many years and recently gained sad celebrity as an insolvent city.

Get to know the people of DAS DETROIT PROJEKT! On October 11, 2013, the Schauspielhaus Bochum will present the city activists, artists and partners in conversations and interviews and showcase their work in short films, with music and performances.

Lab presentation

Das Detroit Projekt
11 octobre, 2013