UTE member of honour Georges Banu at the Odéon in Paris

UTE member of honour Georges Banu, author of "La porte au cœur de l'intime", and Stéphane Braunschweig, author of "Petites portes, grands paysages“ and director of the Théâtre National de l'Odéon - Théâtre de l'Europe, will discuss the motif of the door from both the perspectives of the theatre and art at the Odéon in Paris on 12 January.

The two authors will discuss the role of the door as a symbol. Open or closed, it can reveal or hide, and can thus serve as a vehicle for a profound variety of messages. By borrowing various examples from theatre and art, this discussion strives to push the seemingly marginal motif of the door centre stage.

"La porte au cœur de l'intime"

Meeting between Georges Banu and Stéphane Braunschweig

12 January 2017 | 6pm

Théâtre de l'Odéon – Salon Roger Blin


Georges Banu, Stéphane Braunschweig

12 - 12 janvier, 2017

Théâtre National de l'Odéon, Paris