UTE General Assembly

From 13 to 16 November 2014, UTE member representatives met in Tel Aviv to attend the General Assembly of the Union of European Theatres. On this occasion, the Habima prepared a rich programme of activities, which also marked the inauguration of the TERRORisms project in Tel Aviv.

13 November 2014

World Premiere of God Waits at the Station

Written by Maya Arad and directed by Shay Pitowski, God Waits at the Station explores the psychological effect of the Second Intifada on the Israeli society. The production was part of the UTE TERRORisms project and was also presented at the Comédie de Reims on 8 February 2015. | more info

16 November 2014

UTE | General Assembly in Tel Aviv

The UTE General Assembly brought together UTE member representatives in order to discuss and vote on major decisions regarding the future of the network.

16 November 2014

Roundtable “Artists boycotting Artists?”

Is an artistic boycott against artists and cultural institutions legitimate? Shouldn't artists and cultural institutions make every effort to function as a ‘bridge’ in conflict zones?

Produced by the Union of European Theatres and the Habima – National Theatre of Israel, Tel Aviv

In the context of the CONFLICT ZONES network programme

Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

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Assembly, round-table, conference

13 - 16 November, 2014