UTE DECENTRALIZED ACADEMY: Masterclass with Oskaras Koršunovas


Photograph © Dmitrijus Matvejevas

This masterclass was implemented in collaboration with the Scuola di Perfezionamento per Attori Diplomati and the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania. Young actors from the Roman Drama School as well as young European actors proposed by our member theatres had the opportunity to learn from each others’ different acting backgrounds under the guidance of a teacher of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in Vilnius, challenging them both in an artistic as well as in a cultural way, which will help their career in a multi-faceted way.

This masterclass is part of the UTE Decentralized Academy, launched in 2012, that enables young theatre makers from different cultural and artistic backgrounds to meet and learn from leading figures of international theatre. Favouring intercultural dialogue, these masterclasses contribute to the links between artists from Europe and beyond, while enabling the exchange of knowledge and skills.

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Masterclass with Oskaras Koršunovas

Teatro di Roma | Rome, Italy

In collaboration with the Lithuanian Embassy

2 - 12 March 2017


An event organised by the Union des Théâtres de l'Europe and the Teatro di Roma. In context of the CONFLICT ZONES | ZONES DE CONFLIT network programme of the UTE.

With the support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.