Masterclass with Andrew Visnevski


Foto Credits: Elina Giounanli - nophoto.gr

This year's masterclass took place at the National Theatre of Greece’s School of Directing. Young directing students from across our member theatres were selected to participate and they were joined by two Greek students. The student participants had the opportunity to learn under the guidance of Andrew Visnevski, a director renowned for his decades of experience in the UK and abroad. Focusing on Shakespearean texts, the student directors Anna Khlyostkina, Vera Nikolaeva, Yolanda Markopoulou, Botond Nagy, Tomáš Loužný, Andrea Luccheta, Luigi Siracusa and Yiannis Panagopoulos learned not only from the master, but also from one another. We thank them for their hard work and their enthusiasm.

This masterclass is part of the UTE Decentralized Academy, launched in 2012, that enables young theatre makers from different cultural and artistic backgrounds to meet and learn from leading figures of international theatre. Favouring intercultural dialogue, these masterclasses contribute to the links between artists from Europe and beyond, while enabling the exchange of knowledge and skills.


Masterclass with Andrew Visnevski

National Theatre of Greece | Athens, Greece

Hosted at the National Theatre’s School of Directing

8 – 20 November 2018



8 - 20 novembre, 2018