The Metamorphosis

After Franz Kafka

Direction and dramaturgy Luca Micheletti

Stage design Scaba Antal

Costume design Claudette Lilly

Lighting Cesare Agoni

Musical dramaturgy Roberto Bindoni

Sound Edoardo Chiaf

With Dario Cantarelli, Laura Curino, Luca Micheletti and Claudia Scaravonati

Philological and literary advisor Lucia Mor

Assistant director Chiara Pizzatti

Director’s intern Diego Baldoin

Stage director Oscar Valter Vettore

Sound technician Edoardo Chiaf

Seamstress Valeria Ferremi

The stage was constructed by CTB Teatro Stabile di Brescia

Head of construction Oscar Valter Vettore

Operators Guglielmo Fratti, Pierangelo Razio and Michele Sabattoli

Head of electricity Sergio Martinelli

Stage elements constructed by F.A. of Alessadro Andreoli

Public relations Bianca Simoni

Stage photography Umberto Fravretto

Special thanks to Vassilli (Padova) for the electro-orthopaedic support

The production is part of the project NEXT 2013, subsidised by the region of Lombardy

At Teatro Santa Chiara-Mina Mezzadri

From 18th of February to 16th of March 2014

For further information, please contact:

Teatro Stabile di Brescia: +39 0302928611 – 617

Box office Teatro Sociale: +39 030 2808600

Teatro Santa Chiara-Mina Mezzadri Box Office: +39 0303772134 (open 30 minutes prior to the show)

Franz Kafka | Luca Micheletti

18 février - 16 mars, 2014

Teatro Santa Chiara-Mina Mezzadri
Csaba Antal
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