Il Ratto d'Europa

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Il Ratto d'Europa (The Abduction of Europa) was a collaborative theatrical project dealing with the question of Europe and European identity. Designed in collaboration with a broad number of social actors from civil society, it promoted theatre as a space where the community can reflect on itself and gain consciousness. On the basis of Foucault’s archaeological approach, Il Ratto d'Europa proposed to question and analyze the way our knowledge, representations and perceptions of Europe are constructed.

Developed in Modena (October 2012 – May 2013) and Rome (November 2013 – November 2014), the project lead to two different productions, created in deep collaboration with a network of institutions, associations and actors from the socio-cultural sphere. In both cities, a constellation of events (exhibitions, conferences, readings, book presentations, ads in the local press, blogs and other discussion spaces online) nurtured the process of creation, and helped moving ahead on the crucial question of Europe,


Il Ratto d'Europa (The Abduction of Europe)

For an Archaeology of Collective Knowledge

Conceived and directed by Claudio Longhi

Team | Donatella Allegro, Nicola Bortolotti, Michele Dell’Utri, Simone Francia, Olimpia Greco, Lino Guanciale, Claudio Longhi, Diana Manea, Giacomo Pedini, Marco Rossi, Gianluca Sbicca, Simone Tangolo, Antonio Tintis

A co-production of the Teatro di Roma and the Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione

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