TERRORisms Festival

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For the first time, the TERRORisms festival held between 24 to 28 June 2015 in Stuttgart brought together the five productions created for this project.

The festival marked the end (for now) of a two-year collaboration between the Schauspiel Stuttgart (Germany), the National Theatre of Oslo (Norway), the Yugoslav Drama Theatre Belgrade (Serbia), the Habima – National Theatre of Tel Aviv (Israel) and the Comédie de Reims (France).

Its programme featured — in addition to the partner theatres’ productions — book presentations, discussion panels, installations, and productions from the Schauspiel Stuttgart’s repertoire.

TERRORisms eBook

The TERRORisms eBook brings together the five plays written for the project as well as the speeches held during conferences organized in link with the project. The texts are published in original language, English and German; diverse materials such as dramaturgical analysis, pictures and videos are also made available within the eBook. | More info

TERRORisms Special Issue

A Special Issue of our CONFLICT ZONES Online Magazine, especially dedicated to this project, allows you to dive into the works and perspectives developed throughout the project.

It includes dramaturgical material, information about the project, the festival and the performances, and also provides articles, interviews and videos produced by the Young European Journalists involved in the UTE’s CONFLICT ZONES Online Magazine project. A group of young European Journalists were present throughout the duration of the event; they attended performances, conducted interviews and wrote articles for the TERRORisms Special Issue. | More info

In addition, a group of young European spectators belonging to the YPAL network (Young Performing Art Lovers) attended the festival and contributed to its energy by organizing meetings, discussions and workshops.

The programme

25 June 2015

  • We chew on the bones of time by Jonas Corell Petersen
    produced by National Theatre of Oslo, Norway | info

26 June 2015

  • The Dragonslayers by Milena Markovic
    produced by Yugoslav Drama Theatre Belgrade, Serbia | info

27 June 2015

  • God waits at the Station by Maya Arad
    produced by Habima - National Theatre of Tel Aviv, Israel | info
  • 5 morgen by Fritz Kater
    Produced by Schauspiel Stuttgart, Germany | info

28 June 2015

  • La Baraque by Aiat Fayez
    produced by Comédie de Reims, France | info
  • 5 morgen by Fritz Kater
    Schauspiel Stuttgart, Germany | info


TERRORisms Festival

From 24 to 28 June 2015

At the Schauspiel Stuttgart, Germany

Organised and produced by the Schauspiel Stuttgart, Germany

In collaboration with the Union of European Theatres

Funded by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes

With the support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union