TERRORisms eBook

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Two years after the inauguration of the TERRORisms project, the Union of European Theatres proudly announced the online publication of an anthology of texts bringing together the five plays created for the TERRORisms project.

Developed between 2013 and 2015 in the context of international exchanges, the plays collected in this anthology confront the theme of terrorism through the sensitive approaches of five playwrights from Germany, Serbia, Israel, Norway and France.

Fritz Kater in Stuttgart, Milena Marković in Belgrade, Maya Arad in Tel Aviv, Jonas Corell Petersen in Oslo and Aiat Fayez in Reims — five contemporary playwrights with different experiences and backgrounds — were at the root of this international collaboration project, which led to the organisation of a series of world premieres, production exchanges, meetings, conferences and discussions, all over Europe and beyond.

This TERRORisms eBook is dedicated to their work. Freely downloadable, their texts are available in original language, English and German, with the possibility to add extra languages in the coming years. The publication also includes portraits of the playwrights, stage directors and actors, dramaturgical analysis, pictures and videos of the performances, as well as speeches held by artists and academics during the conferences organized in link with the project.

Edited by CulturBooks, the TERRORisms eBook was created on the occasion of the TERRORisms Festival in Stuttgart, in June 2015.

5 morgen, Fritz Kater | Armin Petras

Schauspiel Stuttgart, Germany

The Dragonslayers, Milena Marković | Iva Milošević

Yugoslav Drama Theatre Belgrade, Serbia

God Waits at the Station, Maya Arad | Shay Pitowski

Habima – National Theatre of Israel, Tel Aviv

We chew on the bones of time, Jonas Corell Petersen

National Theatre of Oslo, Norway

La Baraque, Aiat Fayez | Ludovic Lagarde

La Comédie de Reims, France


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