Strandflieder oder Die Euphorie des Seins

An Auschwitz survivor dances the Shoah with a young woman. Éva Fahidi was 90 years old when, in 2015, she accepted company’s director Réka Szabó’s proposal to convert her trauma into a dance performance. Together with dancer Emese Cuhorka, 60 years younger, she enters into a discussion answering and posing questions, talking about herself, but also dances. She shows warm up exercises, but also choreographies from the musical modernity that surrounded Éva Fahidi when she grew up. She whirls around and she roams through the room expressing the liberty and euphoria of a girl who tastes the fragrance of violet lilac that grows rampant all over the Eastern Hungarian landscape.

All this happened before Éva Fahidi was deported, together with her mother and her sister to Auschwitz-Birkenau where she was the only member of her family who survived. Éva Fahidi and Emese Cuhorka have shown this overwhelming play Strandflieder oder Die Euphorie des Seins (Sóvirág a létezés eufóriája) for two years in Vígszínház theater in Budapest as well as on many guest performances.

This is their first performance in Austria. Commemorating the pogroms of November 1938 in the context of a regular cooperation between Volkstheater and the Austrian parliament, the two unequal Hungarian dancers appear on the stage of the Volkstheater the day of remembrance. In a matinee on the following Sunday in cooperation with the Wiesenthal Institut, Éva Fahidi and Réka Szabó will further discuss these topics.

Strandflieder oder Die Euphorie des Seins

At the Volkstheater Wien

Guest performance by The Symptoms / Budapest

Directed and choreographed by Réka Szabó

An event organized by the Austrian Parliament under the auspices of Doris Bures, President of National Council und the Wiener Wiesenthal Institut für Holocaust-Studien.

On stage: 9 November 2017


9 - 9 novembre, 2017