Immer noch Sturm | Storm Still

Immer noch Sturm / Schauspielhaus Graz(c) Lupi Spuma

“My ancestors are coming left, right and centre.” The writer Peter Handke embarks upon family constellations under his ancestors’ apple tree which is, much like himself, deeply rooted in Jaunfeld. A moving part of Carinthian history takes shape through the partially fictionalized biographies of his mother, her parents and siblings, who were part of the Slovenian minority – before, during and after World War II. The first person narrator strives to understand and becomes part of his ancestors’ lives which, against their will, went down a tragic path. As a game master, he can switch between times and perspectives: sometimes he is a mere observer while other times he takes on the role of the family members by asking questions and making comments. Thus, his glance accompanies the three uncles into war, in which the “Greater Germans” substantially altered the life of many more than just the Slovenian hill farmers. Two of them will die on the battlefields far from home and the third one will become a partisan. The gloomy aunt also affiliates with the “green squads” who are offering armed resistance in the forests of their home countries. The “I” follows them on their way, and experiences the gravity of many decisions, victims, and austerities. Finally they embrace the end of the war, but the calm before the storm proves to be as short as it is deceitful. “The most important thing is to be alive. But who are we? And what does being alive mean?” After all, the winners become powerless again in no time; they are deprived of their right to their language and cultural identity, and their historic achievements cause animosity. The self-declared game master is confronted with statements like, “Why us? After all, we were the losers, are no issue, and no subject for dreams.” But the “I” of Peter Handke’s dreamlike stage poetry tenaciously puts his ancestors in the spotlight of the story. In addition to the cast, director Michael Simon involved 14 actors of Slovenian background in his production.


Storm Still

By Peter Handke

Direction and scenography Michael Simon

Costume Denise Heschl

Music Bernhard Neumaier

Lights Thomas Trummer

Dramaturgy Heike Müller-Merten

With Julius Feldmeier, Kaspar Locher, Christoph Rothenbuchner, Seyneb Saleh, Birgit Stöger, Jan Thümer

Slovenian walk-on actors Tomaz Kovacic, Matej Bunderla, Tanja Čertov, Stefan Czvitkovich, Heide Gaidoschik, Max Gallob, Judith Grandits, Ivanka Gruber, Ludwig Gruber, Petra Kohlenprath, Andreas Kueß, Damijan Smrećnik, Stipe Subasic, Lara Vuković

Music direction / trombone Bernhard Neumaier

Accordion Christian Bakanic

Guitar Manfred Temmel

Drums Philipp Pluhar

Premiere on the 13th February 2014

At Schauspielhaus Graz, Austria

Pictures by Lupi Spuma

Peter Handke | Michael Simon

13 février - 29 avril, 2014