A man, whose papers are not in order, is apprehended at the Swiss border. It seems to be Anatol Ludwig Stiller, the sculptor from Zurich who had been missing for six years, nine months and twenty-one days. The man, however, insists to be a German-American called White, and claims to have murdered his wife. Stiller’s wife, Julika, his friend Sturzenegger, his lover, Sibylle, and her husband, Rolf: all of them are certain that this man is their friend. White, though wants to — and has to! — remain a stranger.

Can you escape yourself? Can you leave everything behind that defines this self — your friends, your wife, your job? Max Frisch’s world-famous novel Stiller from 1954 becomes a poetic and image-loaded examination of the essence of existence and the power of the images we make of ourselves and others.



Based on the novel by Max Frisch

Adapted by Reto Finger

Director | Eric de Vroedt CV

Stage Designer | Maze de Boer

Costume Designer | Lotte Goos

Music | Florentijn Boddendijk, Remco de Jong

Video | Lena Newton

Light Designer | Bernie van Velzen

Dramaturg | Alexander Leiffheidt


James Larkin White – Michael Kamp

Anatol Ludwig Stiller – Damir Avdic

Julika Stiller-Tschudi, his wife – Therese Dörr

Rolf, District Attorney – Matthias Redlhammer

Sibylle, Rolf’s wife – Bettina Engelhardt

Knobel, Prison guard – Florian Lange

Dr. Bohnenblust, Lawyer – Daniel Stock

Gattin Isidors / Commissioner / Chief Resident /

Professor / Mother – Katharina Linder

Isidor / Customs Officer / Jesuit / Schmitz – Florian Lange

Choir | Ensemble

Premiere | 2 April 2016

Schausielhaus Bochum, Germany


Max Frisch | Eric de Vroedt

2 avril - 31 juillet, 2016