Silver Surfer

In Silver Surfer, directed by Constance Cauers and Malte Andritter, older people talk about their experiences as Internet users and report whether they have finally found the great love online, why they value the freedoms of anonymity of the Internet and what abysses of horror and immorality open up.

After the Internet had established itself as a mass medium for maintaining social contacts, it was above all seen as a free space for the young generation of digital natives, who could post embarrassing party photos or hopelessly romantic declarations of love, create fake profiles or engage in cyberbullying. While the older generation initially needed tutoring in e-mail and the like, they are now not only following the digital traces of their children and grandchildren, but are also discovering the possibilities of worldwide online communication.

By Skype call and Facetime they step into dialogue with the generation of their grandsons/inside: Does digital networking simplify our communication? Or do the differences in dealing with digital possibilities exacerbate the gaps between the generations? Are we moving closer together or are we living digitally past each other?

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The performance is part of the #digitalnatives19 cooperation project, supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.



30 mars, 2019

Volx / Margareten