Press Reviews

A group of the Young Journalists On Performing Arts have been present during the ISO Theatre residency in Porto. Read about their impressions on the UTE online theatre magazine All articles are available in original language and in English translation.

  • Elena Galanopoulou

  • in English: Searching for Theatrical Utopias in Porto

    in Greek: Αναζητώντας θεατρικές ουτοπίες στο Πόρτο

  • Sergio Lo Gatto

  • in English: The objects in the mirror are closer than they appear

    in Italian: Gli oggetti nello specchio sono più vicini di quanto appaiano

  • Julie Kočí‏

  • in English: ISO Theatre – Porto 2016:

    Krausian Satire as well as a Cabaret Slapstick

    in Czech: ISO Theatre – Porto 2016: Krausovská satira | Kabaretní groteska


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