Readings at the Monastery

On the occasion of the Portugal Day and of the fourth anniversary of the “Readings at the Monastery”, the TNSJ, accompanied by six contemporary Portuguese playwrights, joinedwill join the UTE action of solidarity to help the victims of the Balkan floods. Gathering together theatre professionals, amateurs, students and bystanders, the event will offeroffered the adventure of saying and discussing words loud and clear. “Reading is a form of happiness”, Jorge Luis Borges once wrote. “And no happiness can be compulsory”, he added.


Readings at the Monastery

Produced by the Teatro Nacional São João, Porto, Portugal

At the São Bento da Vitória Monastery

On 10th June 2014

This event was part of the UTE action of solidarity in order to raise funds and help the victims of the Balkan floods | info

Benefit event for the Balkans

10 juin, 2014