Quai Ouest | West Pier

credit Patroklos Skafidas

"There was on the banks of the Hudson River, West Manhattan, a big warehouse that belonged to the former docks. I wanted to write a play as one constructs a warehouse, that is by starting building a structure that goes from the foundations to the roof before knowing what is going to be stocked there" wrote Koltès in 1985, as Patrice Chéreau was about to stage Quai ouest (West Pier).

A rich businessman drives to the very depths of a derelict harbour district. He jumps into the water and a stranger fishes him out. And the businessman never leaves again. This is the story of people who should never have met, of negotiations and deals in an imaginary no man’s land where all are prisoners. Ludovic Lagarde was invited by the National Theatre in Athens to stage the magnificent play with Greek actors.


Quai Ouest (West Pier)

By Bernard-Marie Koltès

Directed by Ludovic Lagarde

Greek translation Vassilis Papavassiliou

With the actors of the National Theatre of Greece Michel Afolayan, Themis Bazaka, Nikos Hatzopoulos, Anastasia Konidi, Yiorgos Kotanidis, Dimitris Lalos, Maria Nafpliotou, Yiannis Niarros

Dramatrugy Marion Stoufflet

Stage design Antoine Vasseur

Lights Sébastien Michaud

Sound David Bichindaritz

Video Grigoris Rentis

Costumes Eva Nathena

Coproduction Comédie de Reims–CDN, National Theatre of Greece

With the support of the French Institute of Athens

Created at the National Theatre of Greece, Athens

On the 5th June 2014

At the Comédie de Reims, France

6 – 14 November 2014

Coproduction Greece | France

Bernard-Marie Koltès | Ludovic Lagarde

6 - 14 novembre, 2014