The title comes from Greek mythology, where it symbolises fear, and it is also the name of Mars’ largest moon, which is doomed to disappear, due to its orbit being extremely close to the planet. Here and now, Phobos identifies a group of small robots and devices for the automatic production of music, assembled as a Dysfunctional Robotic Orchestra, a grouping of strange instruments with defects, genetic mutations and erratic behaviours. Phobos is a criticism of the imposition of technology on human thought, of the status of work and modern forms of slavery, while also presenting a historic retrospective of the various attempts at freeing humanity via the use of machines, of technological utopias, of freedom’s advances and setbacks. Conceived and directed by musician and composer Gustavo Costa, Phobos is brought to FIMP by Sonoscopia, a platform for the creation of artistic projects that are essentially based on sound exploration and its interdisciplinary combination with various artistic, scientific and pedagogic fields.


Teatro Nacional São João

Conceived and directed by Gustavo Costa

Premiere: 18 October 2017


18 - 18 octobre, 2017