Performances and solidarity campaign for the Balkans

Taking part in the UTE action of solidarity for the Balkans, the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj has pledged the income of two performances in support of the flood victims: Zsolt Bogdán’s Ady performance and the premiere of Serena in X-tremis directed by István Albu. In addition, the theater has arranged collection boxes for donations in the main lobby. | info


At the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, Studio Hall

On 27 June 2014

Endre Ady, the everlasting child; Endre Ady, the prematurely old; Endre Ady, the lover; Endre Ady, the intoxicated; Endre Ady, the passionate; Endre Ady, the refined; Endre Ady, the romantic; Endre Ady, the free-thinker; Endre Ady, the unbelieving believer; Endre Ady, the restless; Endre Ady, the nihilist; Endre Ady the responsible thinker; Endre Ady, the public figure; Endre Ady, the miserable gambler; Endre Ady, the poser; Endre Ady, the restless; Endre Ady, the gentle; Endre Ady, the woman-hater; Endre Ady, the idol of women; Endre Ady, the media star; Endre Ady, the lonely; Endre Ady, the neurasthenic; Endre Ady, the prophet; Endre Ady, the insomniac; Endre Ady, the arrogant; Endre Ady, the macho man; Endre Ady, the empty-pocketed; Endre Ady, the testosterone-filled; Endre Ady, the obstinate; Endre Ady, the paranoid; Endre Ady, the nationalist; Endre Ady, the not good enough Hungarian; Endre Ady, the short-tempered; Endre Ady, the cosmopolitan; Endre Ady, the one who is longing to get away; Endre Ady, the syphilitic; Endre Ady who loves by hating; Endre Ady who hates by loving; Endre Ady who is loved by hating; Endre Ady who is hated by loving; Endre Ady, the easily offended; Endre Ady, the ever-scandalous; Endre Ady, the patriot; Endre Ady, the paid agent of the Jews; Endre Ady, the debater; Endre Ady, the admired; Endre Ady, the one hungry for love; Endre Ady, the gallant; Endre Ady, the excluded; Endre Ady, the anxious; Endre Ady, the worldly-minded; Endre Ady, the depraved; Endre Ady, tormented by nightmares; Endre Ady, the homeless; Endre Ady, rejecting the Endre-Ady-type; Endre Ady, identifying with the Endre-Ady-type; Endre Ady, the prodigal son; Endre Ady, the black-and-white; Endre Ady, the absence of absences; Endre Ady, the ad infinitum.

"Zsolt Bogdán’s one-man show brings Endre Ady as close as possible to us: Ady the man, the most loveable and most unbearable." (András Visky)


A musical fable

At the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, Main hall

On 29 June 2014

The contemporary musical Serena In X-tremis is a modern musical adaptation, in a theatrical language, of the Faust motif. According to the authors, the Faustian contract of our age is connected to success. Success is a huge burden, especially for the young, who are searching for their own way, identity, and development. Success is a retroactive excuse for everything. It suspends our moral sensitivity, since victory covers, explains and justifies everything. This is prevalent in every aspect of our society: sports, politics and art.

Serena, the main hero of the musical piece written in 2006, is a young artist trying her luck as a singer in a subway. All at once, she resolves that she will be successful at any cost. She makes her own Faustian contract and sells her soul for the illusory world of material wealth, richness, and freedom from care. Serena, in fact, achieves everything as a singer. She becomes the idol of youngsters, but she cannot retain her own identity, and gives up her freedom. When she realizes that she has become a worthless puppet of the world of money, and that she cannot escape from its prison, she feels her situation to be so unbearable that suicide seems to be the only way out for her.

Stephanie Robinson’s and Theodore Shank’s musical piece is built on the conflict between the false heaven of money versus human solidarity and the value of marginality.

The box office incomes will be donated to the victims of the Balkan floods.


At the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj and Cluj’s city center

15 June – 29 June 2014

Starting on the 15th of June, charity boxes will be placed in the Main Hall and Studio Hall. A charity concert will also be organised, starring the Loose Neckties Society band, composed of actors of the theatre's company and their friends.

Benefit event for the Balkans

27 - 29 juin, 2014