We witness the thoughts of a mother who hesitates to send her son clandestinely to Europe. Embodied by three women in burka, she tells stories about herself, inventes, follows the journey of the group of emigrants, and among them, the one of her young boy crossing different countries, in search of a better future.

Aiat Fayez

Born in 1979, Aiat Fayez studied philosophy in Paris. He left France in 2010 to settle in Vienna in Austria, where he dedicated himself to the writing of novels and theatre plays. His three novels are published at P.O.L's Publishing House: Cycles des manières de mourir (2009), Terre vaine (2012) and Un autre (2014).

L'Arche published his first play Les Corps étrangers in 2011. his other plays, Naissance d'un pays and L’Eveil du printemps will be soon recorded and broadcasted on France Culture.

In 2015, L'Arche will publish a new play La Baraque (The Hut), written for the TERRORisms project of the UTE.



Text by Aiat Fayez

Radio reading directed by Ivican Buljan

Technical direction Alexandre Plank

Literary adviser Laurence Courtois

With Louise Coldefy, Marie-Sophie Ferdane, Catherine Matisse, Julie Pilod

Music Philippe Thibault

Technical team at the Mousson d'été Michaël et Yannick Schaller

Technical direction team Philippe Bredin, Clémence Gross, Bastien Varigault

Publicly recorded on the 24th August 2014 at the Mousson d'été

Broadcasted on France Culture on the 28th October 2014, in the radio show "L'Atelier Fiction"

Perceptions by Aiat Fayez received the creation grant of the Centre National du Théâtre and is published at l'Arche

Radio reading

Aiat Fayez

28 - 28 October, 2014

France Culture | L'Atelier Fiction
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