Paris Quartier d’été

For twenty years, the Paris Quartier d’été festival has been keeping its word as a festival engaged in promoting diversity, hybridization between cultures and people, conciliation between avant-garde and popular culture, along with a programme that includes young companies and well-established artists.

The guiding principles: alternating centre and periphery, fixed stages and ephemeral venues, paying shows and free shows. With one motto “enabling people to see differently and see differently again”, the festival gave birth to a broad diversity of shows performed in swimming-pools, trucks, churches, museums, gardens, factories, tents, open-air cafés and even theatres.

The festival shakes up the lines of traditional programme, with an eclectic programme made of delicate balance, thoughtful antagonisms, and complementarity. It explores the most innovative trends of contemporary dance, reviving at the same time the tradition of public dances. The festival invites internationally acclaimed artists such as Merce Cunningham, Tony Servillo, Cheryl Studer, Israel Galván and Mikhaïl Rudy, along with presenting some of the most innovative productions of contemporary circus.

The Union des Théâtres de l'Europe took part in the 2014 Paris Quartier d’été festival.


juillet 2014