Nomadeurope Festival

Between the 15th October 2010 and the 15th February 2011, the UTE member theatres associated to create works dealing with the burning issues of Europe. They gave birth to a constellation of projects, all spread out around Europe: transnational collaborations, international coproductions, multi-lingual shows, colloquiums, public meetings, exhibitions and publications.

In this context of a fragmented profusion of events, the UTE decided to create the condition of possibility of an audience truly emancipated from the territory, a nomad audience! An audience composed of tourists, businessmen or women, theatre professionals, students and international journalists – on the frame of which the Nomade Europe Festival has been shaped.

In other words, instead of theatres going on a tour with their productions, it was the audience’s turn to travel. A challenge made possible thanks to subtitles, multilingual programmes and the UTEcard.

Finally, a virtual space – designed as a kind of map of theatrical and meta-theatrical events – was developed to offer visibility to the global programme.


octobre 2010 - février 2011