Niemandsland (No Man's Land)

Niemandsland (c) Lupi Spuma

Asra and her young daughter Leyla have been forced to flee from Bosnia to Austria, in order to escape from war. Today, Leyla is a student activist who wants to work in Palestine - to her mother’s dismay, because of the war situation. War is already becoming a taboo in Asra’s house.

Osama and Jasmine are an Israeli-Palestinian couple looking for a place where they could be welcome as equal citizens. Osama cannot leave Palestine. Jasmine immigrated to Austria and attempted to obtain asylum for him.

A renowned war reporter is close to burnout, a lawyer is becoming a media star because of his commitment for Syrian bloggers, a young German-Serb man deals with his father's generation and a university professor whose research was focused on postwar society swaps his classroom for real life.

All these stories are linked, in the new play by Yael Ronen (Hakoah Vienna) to the true story of Jasmine and Osama was the impetus.

Yael Ronen is one of the best theater artists of her generation. In her performances, she brings stereotypes and prejudices on a collision course. Together with her ensemble, she explores in a process of collective writing and improvisation the tensions between different nationalities. "The perfection of Germans against (for example) the coarseness and humor of the Israelis. I always look for groups that challenge each other. This gives a fruitful work.” (Yael Ronen)


Niemandsland (No Man's Land)

Written by Yael Ronen

Directed by Yael Ronen

Settings and costumes Fatima Sonntag

Choreography Jasmin Avissar

Dramaturgy Regina Guhl

With Knut Berger, Jasmin Avissar, Julius Feldmeier, Sebastian

Klein, Jan Thümer, Seyneb Saleh, Birgit Stöger

Premiere on the 5th October, 2013

At the Schauspielhaus Graz, Austria

Yael Ronen

5 October - 30 November, 2013