Lampedusa Way

Lampedusa Way is the third and final “station” of the Trilogia del Naufragio by Lina Prosa, a painful journey through the drama of migration. It tells of the journey of Mahama and Saif, in search of the refugees Shauba and Mohamed. A search for lifeless bodies and a celebration of mourning: the end of a journey through a Mediterranean culture which is, perhaps, irremediably shattered.

The Trilogia del Naufragio, a project dedicated to the drama of migration and created as a form of epic theatre, draws to an end.

“In Lampedusa Beach and Lampedusa Snow - writes Lina Prosa - I worked with young actors and with them I lived an experience which was tied to the actor’s dream, when an actor has yet to find their haven, their land, their own Lampedusa. In Lampedusa Way I took on two actors of great artistic depth, already at the peak of their acting experience, and here the challenge went beyond the creative level... With Maddalena Crippa and Graziano Piazza, the skill of the actor has transformed Lampedusa into poetic truth, and threrefore a place of the future”.

Lampedusa Way in fact tells of the journey of Mahama and Saif, mentioned various times in the last two chapters, who come to the Sicilian island in search of the refugees Shauba and Mohamed.

Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato

from 19 to 23 April 2017

Lampedusa Way

Written and directed by Lina Prosa

Cast Maddalena Crippa, Graziano Piazza

Set and lighting by Paolo Calafiore

Costumes by Mela Dell’Erba

Audio by Pippo Alterno

A Teatro Biondi Palermo production

Lina Prosa

19 - 23 avril, 2017