A Bench on the Road

Inspired by interviews, accounts and documentation collected through more than thirty years of research, A Bench on the Roadgives a voice to Italian women who immigrated to Scotland between 1850 and 1950, telling the story of one hundred years of immigration Real stories which touch us directly, voices which mix English with Italian dialects, tales of fear and integration, of solitude and hope for the future. Everything constructed through a sequence of “scenes” which underline fundamental events - the Great War, the rise of Fascism, the Second World War - and how these events were lived by Italian and Scottish women: daughters, mothers, grandmothers, each with their own experience, their own lives. A play of strong visual impact, accompanied by traditional Italian and Scottish music, in which the real words of the interviewees become lines from the script: Why did we leave our families? Because we were hungry, because there was no future for our children. You don’t leave if things aren’t so bad. No-one leaves if they are fine. The suitcase is weighed down with suffering.

A Bench on the Road

I am not Scottish, I am not Italian, I am a woman

Written and directed by Laura Pasetti

Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato

24 - 29 January 2017

Laura Pasetti

24 - 29 janvier, 2017