Migration and Future of Europe

The Piccolo Teatro has organised three events that took place October 2015, in connection with Lampedusa Beach to discuss the play, the Shipwreck Trilogy, migration and the future of Europe.

«The play is a passionate plea to the audience to recognise in words such as shipwreck, clandestinity, and emigration not the roots of “evil”, but rather the evidence of a world which is still under construction, in movement, still travelling». Lina Prosa, author of the Shipwreck Trilogy.


26 October 2015

Migrations, borders, identities of the people in a changing Europe,

in a changing world

At the Casa della Cultura in via Borgogna, 3 (Milan)

Speakers | Lina Prosa, writer and director of Lampedusa Beach, the leading actress Elisa Lucarelli, the sociologist Maurizio Ambrosini, and Mohamed Ba, writer and cultural mediator.

Moderator | Marta Galli, theatrical organiser.


29 October 2015

Discussion on Lampedusa Snow

At the Chiostro Nina Vinchi

Speakers | Lina Prosa, Jacopo Tondelli, journalist, and Paolo Bonetti and Chiara Tarabotti, professors at the Università degli Studi Milano Bicocca. Coordinated by Anna Piletti.


29 October 2015

Europe: a past which is yet to come for a humanity already present

Auditorium of the Teatro Grassi

Speakers | Silvia Costa, president of the Culture and Education Commission at the European Parliament, Sergio Escobar, director of the Piccolo, and the writer Lina Prosa.