Medea – My Mother


The initiating event in our history is an irresistible desire to come to know your genealogy, to find your real mother. The return to the roots, to the archetype is an act of intolerance towards the comforts of the modern consummator-oriented civilization, towards its models that deprive of individuality. The gesture of quitting is already a challenge.

The rushing-in of this meteor into the Balkan context lets us confront the notions of "Paradise Lost" with the damages that this same consummator-oriented civilization that we run away from has brought to the people who inhabit the "man’s province" (after Elias Canetti).

The performance begins with The Choir of the Blood Sellers. In our corner of the world this is a practice that has long turned the blood donation into a business. It is practiced primarily by swarthy youths; with the development of the genetics they pick up also the sperm sale. By irony of fate, all these donors are children abandoned by their mothers. Their authentic monologues for the vicissitudes of growing up without a mother end up with the one and the same refrain - "Fuck the fucking mother!"


Medea – My Mother 

Медея - майка ми

By Ivan Dobchev

Directors | Ivan Dobchev and Margarita Mladenova

Scenography and costumes | Daniela Oleg Liahova

Original music | Assen Avramov

Assitant | Stefan Ivanov

Cast | Margita Gosheva, Elena Dimitrova, Nevena Kaludova, Dimitar Nickolov, Boyko Krastanov, Hristo Ushev, Antonio Dimitrievsky, Stanislav Ganchev, Ivaylo Dragiev

Opened on 14 December 2012

at the Sfumato Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria

Other performances: 14 March and 30 April 2016


The play received various nominations and one award:

Icarus Award 2013 for Best Performance

Nomination Icarus 2013 for Best Actor in supporting role to Ivaylo Gragiev

Nomination Icarus 2013 for Best Original Music to Assen Avramov

Nomination Askeer 2013 for Best Original Music to Assen Avramov


“Varna Summer” International Theatre Festival

Varna, Bulgaria

“Drumev” Theatre Fest

Shumen, Bulgaria

“The Big Theatre in a Small Town” Festival

Targovishte, Bulgaria

“Stage on Crossroad” International Theatre Festival

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Neta Festival Bucharest

30 August 2015, Romania

Ex Ponto / Neta Festival Novo Mesto

Slovenia, 25 September 2015

The performance was ranked first from the spectators of Performing Arts Festival Ex Ponto / NETA in Slovenia among the 11 productions participants. "Medea - my mother" received 4.61 on a five point

scale and is the only performance with above 4.50.

With the financial support of Bulgarian Ministry of Culture,

Culture Programme of Sofia Municipality and Harmanli Municipality.

and in favor of the candidature of Sofia for European Capital of Culture 2019.

Photos © by Simon Varsano


Ivan Dobchev | Margarita Mladenova

14 December, 2012 - 5 July, 2017

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