Leas Hochzeit | The Wedding Party


It’s Lea’s third wedding. The festivities will be at her parents’ house, Ada and Simon. They are survivors of the German pogrom in the Netherlands. At the party, old and new relations, connections of family and friends, past and present meet. Next to the new husband, Nico, Lea’s first husband, Alexander, is also present, as is Nico’s earlier wife, Dory. She is in the same orchestra with Lea, and friendly with both of them. Nico’s mother and brother were killed in the concentration camp. His father, Zwart, is there with his second wife, Duifje, who still seems less real to him than the dead one, even though he has already spent half his life with her. Lea’s ‘second’ mother, Riet, who took care of her during the war, is also invited. And then there is a mysterious guest who wants to keep the wedding from happening.

With subtle humour and a swift hand, Judith Herzberg develops a fine web of fleeting encounters and conversation pieces, attraction and alienation, high-altitude flight and fall. The Holocaust that the Dutch writer born in 1934 has survived, just like her characters, forms the traumatic vanishing point.

Eric de Vroedt, born in 1972, is a director, writer and actor, and one of the most important Dutch theatre artists. In 2012, he was awarded the Amsterdamprijs, the most significant art award of the Netherlands, for his ten-episode series MightySociety, written and directed by him. In the season of 2013/14, he directed Hugo Claus’ Freitag in the Kammerspiele of the Schauspielhaus Bochum. His productions oscillate between realistic seriousness, formal lightness, and playful humour.


Leas Hochzeit | The Wedding Party

By Judith Herzberg

Directed by Eric de Vroedt

Stage Designer Maze de Boer

Costume Designer Lotte Goos

Music Remco de Jong, Florentijn Boddendijk

Video Lena Newton

Light Designer Bernie van Velzen

Dramaturg Olaf Kröck

Cast Therese Dörr, Raiko Küster, Martin Horn, Anke Zillich, Jürgen Hartmann, Veronika Nickl, Henrik Schubert, Bettina Engelhardt, Nicola Mastroberardino, Katharina Linder, Torsten Flassig, Anna Döing

Opened on 16 May 2015

At the Schauspielhaus Bochum, Germany


Judith Herzberg | Eric de Vroedt

16 mai, 2015 - 16 mai, 2016