Photograph: © Diana Küster

The Mediterranean is the cradle of European identity origin of our century-old cultures, vantage point of German wanderlust since Goethe’s times. Today, it is fast turning into a well-guarded mass grave. Almost 1 million people crossed the Mediterranean last year in an attempt to reach the safe shores of Europe. 3,600 of them drowned. How many will it be this year?

Stefano used to be a fisherman. Today, his job is to pull bodies out of the sea around his native island. Denise is a payday-loan collector working in a big European city, putting her foot in doors, waving court orders, listening to shabby old lies in shabby old flats. The two have nothing in common. And yet, there is one thing connecting them: They work at the coalface, at the point where politics turn into hard facts. Lose your job and get behind on the payments, lose your balance and slip over the railings, and you are one of their customers. Not exactly a great job. Until in both their lives, something extraordinary happens.

The award-winning young British playwright Anders Lustgarten is a real discovery. With Lampedusa, he presents a play about what is perhaps the greatest challenge of our times passionate, angry, bitter and yet full of hope.



National Premiere

By Anders Lustgarten

Director | Olaf Kröck

Stage Designer | Dorothea Lütke Wöstmann

Costume Designer | Janna Banning

Music | Frank Böhle

Dramaturgy | Alexander Leiffheidt

Cast | Stefano – Raiko Küster, Denise – Juliane Fisch

Premiere | 11 March 2016

Kammerspiele, Schauspielhaus Bochum, Germany

The premiere launched the themed month


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All photographs: © Diana Küster

Presented in context of the CONFLICT ZONES

network-programme of the Union des Théâtres de l'Europe


Anders Lustgarten | Olaf Kröck

11 mars - 31 décembre, 2016

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