Khwala Ibraheem

Born in 1991, Palestinian actress Khwala Ibraheem holds a bachelor degree in acting and theatre studies from the University of Haifa. Since 2010, she hqs performed in a dozen productions, among which 1945 directed by Bashar Murkus (2015), A Parallel Timeline directed by Bashar Murkus (2014), Carlo GoldoniĀ“s Servant of Two Masters directed by Moneer Bakri (2013), The Whole Story directed by Ameer Hlehel, The Bride and the Butterfly by Hunter-Nisim Aloni directed by Ehud Vardi (2012) and Hanoch LevinĀ“s Winter funeral directed by Shlomi Plznir. She also performed in a short movie and an art video: Three Steps by Ameer Hlehel (2013) and Zahra by Ameer Fakhr Adeen (2011). She hqs been a member of the ISO Theatre since July 2015 and participated in the artistic residency of the ISO Theatre in Sofia and Rome from 6th July to 22nd August 2015. She speaks Arabic, Hebrew and English.