Karte und Gebiet | The Map and the Territory

Karte Und Gebiet cover pic

After the discovery of the “God particle”, the Promethean can only be found in the art market: as the promise that the world can, for a moment, once again shine in a different light. Artist Jed Martin is fascinated by anything that appears immortal. Facsimiles of Michelin maps win him critical acclaim and a beautiful woman, and he finds himself trapped in a net of art and love, in which he doesn’t belong. The Map and The Territory is Michel Houellebecq’s frenzied eulogy of the art market and an unfinished tale of a father-and-son relationship, a novel about men’s loneliness, and an endlessly egomaniacal struggle with extinction, that doesn’t want to be forgiving. Jed Martin eventually succumbs to the rampant proliferation of nature with his person and his art, leaving behind a territory, which was once a map. Neumarkt director, Peter Kastenmüller, adapts Houellebecq’s acclaimed and award-winning novel to the stage, with its Swiss premiere taking place on the occasion of the Zurich Festspiele Festival.


Karte und Gebiet

(The Map and the Territory)

Based on the novel by Michel Houellebecq

Directed by Peter Kastenmüller

Stage design Doris Dziersk

Costume Sara Kittelmann

Dramaturgy Ralf Fiedler

With Simon Brusis, Martin Butzke, Maximilian Kraus, Janet Rothe, Yanna Rüger, Heiner Stadelmann

Created as part of the Festspiele Zürich Festival

Premiere on the 19th June 2014

At Theater Neumarkt, Zurich


Michel Houellebecq | Peter Kastenmüller

19 juin, 2014 - 19 juin, 2015