Kangaroo NT Greece

Dreaming of a better tomorrow, a young man decides to leave Greece, as life abroad offers better prospects. However, things do not turn out as he expects.

A dilemma that brings emotions into conflict with harsh reality leads him to re-examine his decision and, in the end, to a form of compromise similar to that which his father had once chosen....

With immediacy and a penetrating eye, Vassilis Katsikonouris shines a light on what is wrong with today’s Greece and the problems faced by the country’s young people. At the same time, he makes an apposite comment on responsibility and the consequences of the choices that determine our lives. 



By Vassilis Katsikonouris

Director | Dimitris Mylonas

Stage Designer | Dimitra Liakoura

Music | Pavlos Katsivelis

Light Designer | Alekos Anastasiou

Movement | Natasha Sarantopoulou

Cast | Lena Drosaki, Meletis Ilias, Giorgos Papapavlou,

Christos Sapountzis, Spiros Tsekouras

Opened on 15 October 2015

National Theatre of Greece, Athens

Pictures © Elina Younanli


Vassilis Katsikonouris | Dimitris Mylonas

15 octobre - 6 décembre, 2015