Iphigenie in Aulis | Occident Express


© Lupi Spuma

Still air in the harbor of Aulis. The fierce ground forces under Agamemnon’s leadership are stuck. Without wind, the journey to Troy is impossible. Without wind there can be no war, unless someone is sacrificed. Iphigenia is the one to be chosen, Agamemnon’s beloved daughter.

In 2015, an elderly woman and a little girl flee from their devastated home village near Mossul to arrive in the Promised Land: Europe, praised for peace and wealth.

Volkstheater’s artistic Director and UTE Vice-President, Anna Badora, has repeatedly reconsidered present conflicts on the basis of ancient texts. Occident Express serves as a good example for her challenge: Can we tell by the means of theater the story of such an enormous journey without being folkloristic on refugee issues? It is worth a try.

Iphigenie in Aulis | Occident Express

Volkstheater Wien

Opening: 8 September 2017

On stage: 29 September 2017 

3, 7, 8, 10, 12, 18, 22, 31 October 2017

8, 20, 23, 27 November 2017


8 septembre - 27 novembre, 2017