Volkstheater Wien: Change in repertoire "Brooklyn Memoires" instead of "Homohalal"

The Volkstheater's direction has decided to cancel the world premiere of Homohalal by Ibrahim Amir, which had been scheduled to be the 2015/16 season’s final opening night.

Amir’s play originated in 2013, and generated a prospect of the future based on the Refugee Protest Camp in the Viennese Sigmund-Freud-Park and the Votiv Church: In 2033, a group of former Austrian and migrant activists meet again, taking stock of the situation. Did the once-refugees succeed in settling in Austria? Have the privileged supporters and the refugees ever actually approached each other? Did they even meet on an equal footing? Amir’s answers are partially critical, and uncovered contemporary tendencies that might lead to this proposed future — which turns out to be an utter dystopia.

Since the massive refugee flow from Syria and Iraq has strikingly hit Central Europe, the auspices for the production of Homohalal have changed. The pubic discourse on refugees is currently strongly shaped by fear and hatred. In this situation, a dystopia — as complex and funny as it may be in the case of Homohalal — is not a suitable means for approaching the future of people who seek refuge in Austria.

The Volkstheater will maintain artistic relationships with the author. But the Volkstheater put a different play into the repertoire. Neil Simon’s Brooklyn Memoires (Brighton Beach Memoirs), which takes place in the immigrants' district of Brooklyn at the end of the 30s, and had it’s Austrian premiere at the Volkstheater in 1989, takes a different approach to the issue of migration.

Sarantos Zervoulakos still directed this final premiere of the season.


Ibrahim Amir | Neil Simon | Sarantos Zervoulakos

22 avril - 1 juillet, 2016