Where Do You Go To, My Lovely …?

Where do you go to, my lovely (c) Lupi Spuma 1

A project on Europe's future, by Oliver Frljić

Bosnian director and author Oliver Frljić creates a projection on the future of Europe.

"Things are not going well as they are now, but nothing better seems to lie in the horizon. Is current Europe openening or closing to possibilities of change ? As we appear to be more and more unable to think Europe's future in terms of politics and economy, maybe the theatrical frame can help us? What is, or what are the alternative histori(es) of Europe? Where Do You Go To, My Lovely …? While strolling on the back of the white bull, where are we heading for?" (Oliver Frljić)

Where Do You Go To, My Lovely …?

Directed by Oliver Frljić

Dramaturgy Christian Mayer

With Thomas Frank, Pia Luise Händler, Katharina Klar, Florian Köhler, Christoph Rothenbuchner, Franz Solar, Stefan Suske

Premiere on the 27th April 2013

At Schauspielhaus Graz, Austria

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Oliver Frljić

27 avril - 24 mai, 2013