When the barrage lifts
The blood of Europe: 1914 – 1918

“Two days before the Anglo-French battle of the Somme (1 July 1916), the British officials of the 9th battalion of the Yorkshire Light Infantry, deployed in front of the German positions of Fricourt, met for a toast on the eve of the attack. Nominated to make the toast, Captain Harshwell slowly said “Gentlemen, when the barrage lifts”. The raising of the barrage was the signal for the infantry to attack. The battalion, on the evening of the first day, was reduced from eight hundred to eighty men. Amongst the fallen was the Commander, Lynch, and the same Captain Harshwell. The toast of Fricourt was forever written into universal history. I adopted it, with its Aeschylean epitaph terseness, together with my group Teatro dei Sensibili, on the 100th anniversary of the 1914–1918 Great War, for its naked eloquence evocative of an apogee of the tragic in the enigmatic and miserable story of humanity. We form a micro-chorus which tries, through its simple means, to symbolically evoke on stage an event in which tens of millions of people were ruthlessly involved.”

Guido Ceronetti, street artist


When the barrage lifts

The blood of Europe: 1914 – 1918

Written, directed by Guido Ceronetti

Cast | Guido Ceronetti and the actors of the Teatro dei Sensibili, Luca Mauceri, Eléni Molos, Valeria Sacco, Filippo Usellini

With the participation of Elisa Bartoli

A production by the Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Theatre of Europe

At the Piccolo Teatro di Milano

From 3 to 5 October 2014


Guido Ceronetti

3 - 5 octobre, 2014