The UTE launched its online theatre magazine

The CONFLICT ZONES Online Theatre Magazine is now online

To reach it, follow the link:

Read articles written by, Inês Nadais (Portugal), Sergio Lo Gatto (Italy), Nina Mochalova (Russia), Boris Zafirov (Bulgaria), and Lillian Bikset (Norway).

New articles by journalists from other countries will follow. At the end of the three-year CONFLICT ZONES network-programme, the online magazine should bring together articles by more than twenty young journalists based in each of the countries where the UTE is active.

TERRORisms Special Issue

The first SPECIAL ISSUE of the new E-Zine is dedicated to the TERRORisms project of the Union of European Theatres.

Developed over the past two years in the context of international exchanges between five theatres in Oslo, Belgrade, Tel Aviv, Reims and Stuttgart, the TERRORisms project ended (for the time being) in June 2015 on the occasion of the “TERRORisms Festival” in Stuttgart.

The TERRORisms Special Issue of our CONFLICT ZONES Online Magazine provides insights into the works and perspectives developed throughout the project until its final accomplishment in Stuttgart. It includes dramaturgical material, information about the project, performances and festival, but also articles, interviews and videos by the Young European Journalists on Performing Arts involved in the CONFLICT ZONES Online Magazine project.

For more information, follow the links:

-TERRORisms Special Issue

-TERRORisms project

-TERRORisms e-book

Think Tank 2014 | Cluj

Taking place from 30 November to 3 December 2014 in the context of the Interferences Festival of Cluj, the first meeting of the "Think tank Young Journalists on Performing Arts" laid the foundation for the creation of an online multilingual magazine dealing with theatre in Europe.

Director of the UTE, Ruth Heynen, met the six young European journalists who wrote the first articles of the magazine. Native of Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Czech Republic, they exchanged their points of view on the theatrical context of their respective country, thus questioning the links between one artistic creation, which is by definition plural, and its political, cultural, economic and structural context. The meeting also made it possible to define the main idea behind this magazine that will bring together more than twenty young journalists based in each of the countries where the UTE is active.

The journalists present in Cluj:

Sergio Lo Gatto (Rome, Italy)

Inês Nadais (Porto, Portugal)

Nina Mochalova (Moscow, Russia)

Tamas Jaszay (Budapest, Hungary)

Boris Zafirov (Plovidv, Bulgaria)

Michal Zahalka (Prague, Czech Republic)


“CONFLICT ZONES – Young Journalists on Performing Arts”

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In the context of the CONFLICT ZONES network-programme

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