The Forrest

Ostrovsky’s black comedy has not lost any of its topicality. The story’s focal point is a dispute over a forest. Whereas for the wealthy landowner Raisa Gurmyzhska the forest is merely a chance to extend her property and win a young lover, it is just business as usual for her unscrupulous neighbour, the merchant Vosmibratov. The play’s other, no less significant, plot line is formed by the characters of the itinerant actors Gennady and Arkady, idealists who have little chance of succeeding at a time when a technocratic approach to life and values holds sway. Caginess, intrigues and changing conventions are the themes dominating Ostrovsky’s play.


The Forrest

By Alexander Ostrovsky

Directed by Michal Dočekal

Sets David Marek

Costumes Zuzana Krejzková

Music Ivan Acher

Dramaturgy Jan Tošovský

With Iva Janžurová, Igor Orozovič, Igor Bareš, Vladimír Javorský, Pavla Beretová, Vladislav Beneš, Filip Kaňkovský, Ladislav Mrkvička and Johanna Tesařová

Premiere on the 19th March 2014

At the National Theatre of Prague, Czech Republic


Alexander Ostrovsky | Michal Dočekal

19 mars - 19 septembre, 2014