The Atelier 200 (2012)


The 2012 edition of the ATELIER 200 is now completed, but the project continues to live on through internet, thanks to a network of blogs, micro sites, facebook pages, in which you can find the images, videos, sounds and texts of all the ATELIER 200 across Europe.

To continue the travel, follow the links:

MC93 Bobigny, France  

7 – 8 April 2012

With Georges Lavaudant, Carles Santos, Anton Kouznetsov, Jean-Yves Ruf and David Marton

On the theatre's website | Facebook | The video on youtube

Schauspielhaus Graz, Austria  

12 – 13 May 2012

With Anna Badora, Ed. Hauswirt, Viktor Bodó and Bernadette Sonnenbichler

On the ATELIER's blog| On the theatre's website | The trailer on youtube

Teatro India di Roma, Italy 

23 – 24 June 2012

With Gabriele Lavia, Claudio Longhi, Vincenzo Pirrotta, Pierpaolo Sepe

On the theatre's website | On Storify  | The trailer on youtube 

Sfumato Laboratory in Sofia, Bulgaria 

23 – 24 June 2012

With Margaritra Mladenova and Ivan Dobchev, Assen Avramov (composer), Lubomir Mladenov (film director)

On the theatre's website | On Facebook  | The video directed by Lubomir Mladenov 

Teatro Săo Joăo do Porto, Portugal 

27 – 28 October 2012

With Cristina Carvalhal, Nuno Cardoso, Nuno M. Cardoso, Victor Hugo Pontes and film director João Tuna

On the theatre's website  | The video by João Tuna

EACEA noir et blanc


12 mai - 28 octobre, 2012