Sweet Home Europa

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Fabrizio Arcuri brings to the stage the West, its history and its crisis, its repression and its explosion.

Sweet Home Europa is an original and potent fresco of Europe which unravels right before our very eyes. Fathers, mothers, sons, wives, husbands, friends, strangers, outsiders, politicians and businessmen become the representatives who recount the genesis of a Community, shining a light on pacts and compromises, ideological and religious differences and contradictions. All that has created the concept of the dominance of the West and, at the very same time, its cultural and social collapse. Capitalism and consumerism as meter and rule, even of interpersonal relationships, have dismantled the age-old traditional rules, leaving entire generations at the mercy of wars, more or less correct and more or less holy, but above all the struggle to grab the temporary reconstruction.


Sweet Home Europa

Una Genesi. Un Esodo. Generazioni

By Davide Carnevali

Directed by Fabrizio Arcuri

Music composed and performed live by Davide Arneodo, Luca Bergia (Marlene Kuntz) and NicoNote

With Matteo Angius, Francesca Mazza, Michele di Mauro

Presented at the Teatro di Rome, Italy - Teatro India

From 8th to 26th April 2015


Davide Carnevali | Fabrizio Arcuri

8 - 26 avril, 2015