Stageside chronicles, season 5.2

Chroniques du bord de scene MC93Like a trip into the heart of the American myth, those of the Kennedy years, the 1960s carried the hope of an upheaval by young people before their deception and return to conservative fundamental values.

It is the impressive serial novel, written by James Ellroy, about the taking of power by the Kennedy clan, that Nicolas Bigards has used for his theatrical adaptation of this tragic epic. After having gone through the more or less virtuous mazes of the rise to power of John Kennedy, he stages in a second part the use of the power that leads to the assassination of the president. Two fictional characters are the guiding thread of this political detective novel-like version which also includes historical characters such as Jimmy Hoffa, the director of the incredibly powerful Teamsters syndicate, or Edgar J. Hoover, the absolute master of the FBI and dirty tricks which are strewn over these intense years which saw occuring simultaneously, the Vietnam war and the struggle of African Americans for equal rights, the hippy movement and the power of media, the struggle against the mafia and all powerful money. This breathless rollercoaster ride of a tale takes all the space onstage because it gives spectators strong, powerful images dissecting the paranoia which takes over the federal American states, by reconstituting the patchwork of opposition to the Kennedy power, crossing through the different assasination plots, which according to James Ellroy, managed to bring the mythical president down. It is the making and destruction of a myth that we witness in this very choral work led by young actors from the Bobigny Conservatory.

Stageside chronicles, season 5.2

American Tabloid, episode 2

After American Tabloid by James Ellroy

Directed by Nicolas Bigards

With Béatrice DemiMondaine et Dimi Dero

With the students of the Jean Wiener Conservatory in Bobigny : Skander Agrebi, Elise Boch, Yann Berlier, Coraline Claude, Quentin Darmon, Noémie Edé-Decugis, Sofia EL-Fakhadi, Fanny Garin, Anaëlle Houdart, Natacha Steck, Gabriel Tamalet

Scenography Chantal de La Coste

Sound creation Etienne Dusard

Light creation Pierre Setbon

At the MC93 Bobigny, France

21 - 29 June 2013


James Ellroy | Nicolas Bigards

21 - 29 juin, 2013