Solidarity for the Balkans

Following days of rainfall, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia have been going through what is now described as the worst floods in the Balkans for more than a century. As landslides are threatening to cause even more damages, thousands of people now live displaced in sports and concert halls with dozens of other families. The international community is going into action, but the costs of recovery are already expected to reach more than a billion euros.

Recently, the Yugoslav Drama Theatre Belgrade sent a letter to its fellow members of the Union of Theatres of Europe, describing the situation and calling for their support in whatever form possible.

Many UTE member theatres immediately reacted by organising a common action of solidarity in order to raise money and support the efforts to face the multiple consequences of this catastrophe.

As a result, a series of theatrical events will be organised throughout Europe in the weeks to come, the income of which will be collected and donated to NGOs active at national and regional levels in the Balkans.


List of events


Readings at the Monastery

By the Teatro Nacional São João, Porto, Portugal

On 10th June 2014 | info


2014 Contemporary Dramaturgy Forum, Balkan writers

At the National Theatre of Northern Greece, Thessaloniki, Greece

On 10th and 11th June 2014 | info


Benefit event for the Balkans

At the Schauspielhaus Graz, Austria

On 15th June 2014 | info



A fund-raising theatre evening in support of the victims of the floods

At Schauspielhaus Bochum, Germany

On 21st June 2014 | info


Performances and solidarity campaign | info

Zsolt Bogdán’s Ady-Evening

At the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, Studio Hall

On 27th June 2014

Stephanie Roblinson & Theodore Shank: Serena In X-Termis

A musical fable

At the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, Main hall

On 29th June 2014

Solidarity Campaign

At the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj and Cluj’s city center

15th June – 29th June 2014


So They Killed our Ferdinand

An open-air happening

At the National Theatre Prague, Czech Republic

On 28th June 2014 | info


Calls for donation

At Staatsschauspiel Stuttgart, Germany

In June 2014


All Days, All Nights

After Margareta Garpe

A fund-raising theatre evening in support of the victims of the floods

At Maly Drama Theatre - Theatre of Europe, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

On 4th July 2014 | info