Schauspiel Köln

Stefan Bachmann has been the director of the Schauspiel Cologne since the season 2013/2014. A large part of the ensemble and a new management team started out with him. The conditions were a challenge at the time: the theatre at Offenbachplatz had to be fundamentally renovated, and an interim theatre for the show was sought. Stefan Bachmann saw the choice of the venue as a statement both with respect to the programme and the content and as an opportunity for a new location in the city. He opted for Cologne-Mülheim - a district heavily shaped by migrants on the right side of the river Rhine. Three venues were set up on the site of the former Carlswerk: Depot 1 and 2, and the smallest venue - Grotte - in four containers, which became an experimental stage for young directors. In addition, the CARLsGARTEN is an urban gardening project that creates a garden from the asphalted area in front of the former factory buildings, including the cultivation of vegetables for self-sufficiency. The site of the theatre is not only a place for theatre, but also a lively public space.

A new venue was added to the existing one at the Offenbachplatz, where productions are already shown on a regular basis: the BRITNEY at Offenbachplatz, which will become a bastion for new texts, current questions, readings and concerts. Here, quite consciously, a young audience is addressed - right in the heart of Cologne.


Member since 2017
Artistic Director: Stefan Bachmann

Cologne, Germany
Schauspiel Köln
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