News From Budapest: New President, Board, and Members

The UTE general assembly met on Sunday 13th May 2018 to decide on exciting changes for the future of the association.

We are pleased to announce that Gábor Tompa was elected as the next UTE president this Sunday the 13th May 2018 during the general assembly at the Vígszínház in Budapest. He is taking over the presidency from Michal Dočekal who served as president since November 2015.

Currently the artistic director at the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj in Romania, Gábor Tompa wishes to focus on strengthening the reputation and recognition of the association. He wishes to revive the UTE's annual theatre festival and place a strong focus on programs to encourage collaboration between members and the education of young theatre makers.

Along with the election of a new president, the UTE is excited to add a new theatres to its members: City Theatres of Prague - (MDP) .

UTE members elected a new board of directors to support the president and guide members’ collaboration in the next two years: Anna Badora (Volkstheater Wien), Francisca Carneiro Fernandes (Portugal), Beate Heine (Schauspiel Köln), Michal Dočekal (MDP – Prague City Theatres), Stathis Livathinos (National Theatre of Greece), and Gorčin Stojanović

(JDP – Yugoslav Drama Theatre).

Two personal members have also joined the association: Jan Hein (Dramaturge) from Germany and Francisca Carneiro Fernandes from Portugal.

This general assembly brought together representatives from 15 countries. Many people are responsible for the success of such an event, so we would like to thank Enikő Eszenyi and all of our fantastic colleagues at the Vígszínház, as well as all others whose efforts made for a productive and uplifting meeting!

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