Process to Performance


A masterclass directed by Lev Dodin

At the Maly Drama Theatre of Saint Petersburg, Russia

4 – 12 November 2012

The participants followed the schedule of the Maly school actors and benefitted from discussion sessions with Lev Dodin. In addition, they were given practical lessons with the teachers Valery Galendeev (speech and voice), Michail Alexandrov (singing), Yuri Vasilkov (classical dance), and some of Maly’s leading actors.

In order to observe the result of the methods experimented in workshops, they were also invited to attend three shows directed by Lev Dodin: Intrigue and Love by Schiller, Uncle Vanya by Cechov and Brothers and Sisters by Abramov.

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Lev Dodin

4 - 12 November, 2012