Lost and Found


Yael Ronen creates her plays in collaboration with the actors. At the beginning, there are certain interests and biographical stories they pursue during the rehearsal process through the means of theatre, which are then combined and further developed in Yael Ronen’s writing process. Lost and Found is based on today’s family structures, an actress’s personal story an the story of her cousin, who fled from Iraq to Vienna.

Their father’s death reunites Maryam and Elias Sabry in their childhood apartment. While Elias studied in Berlin und lives a bohemian life, Maryam cared for her sick father and for her son in Vienna, while simultaneously trying to become a successful life-style blogger. They meet again due to the loss in the family, which also leads to the question how the concept of family will continue: Maryam’s gay boyfriend, Schnute, gradually overtakes the position that Maryam’s ex-husband, Jochen, once had. With the help of Schnute, Maryam is trying to fulfil her desire of having a second child, in an unconventional way. Jochen, on the other hand, wants to keep his position in the family, despite the separation. And finally there’s Camille, a restaurant owner from Berlin, who is actually Elias’ ex-girlfriend, but stands by his side in times of crisis. It’s time to organise the father’s funeral. They are all aware that their loss happened during a political and humanitarian crisis: Maryam, Elias and Jochen make reference to the 2015 flow of refugees in their artistic work and media reports.

A phone call brings their artistic action to a personal level: Their cousin has fled Iraq and has arrived in Vienna. Escape is no longer a subject that only concerns others. Youssef — the refugee — is standing in the living room. Youssef — the cousin — has arrived.


Lost and Found

World Premiere

By Yael Ronen and cast

Director | Yael Ronen

Set Designer | Tal Shacham

Costume Designer | Amit Epstein

Music | Yaniv Fridel

Video | Jan Zischka

Light Designer | Klaus Tauber

Dramaturg | Veronika Maurer

Cast | Birgit Stöger, Sebastian Klein, Anja Herden, Jan Thümer, Knut Berger, Osama Zatar

Opened on 18 December 2015

At the Volkstheater

Pictures © www.lupispuma.com / Volkstheater


Yael Ronen and cast

18 décembre, 2015 - 22 juin, 2016