I’m searching for I:N:R:I (eine kriegsfuge)


A secret agent thriller, melodrama and film noir: the story of Maibom, a journalist and nazi hunter, and that of the mysterious Rieke as well as the fateful failure of their love and lives is told on three time levels: during World War II, in a German economic wonderland in 1959/60 and in West Berlin shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

Fritz Kater's play I'm searching for I:N:R:I (eine kriegsfuge) (engl.: a fugue of war) tells the German history from a particular perspective. The war has ingrained itself in peoples’ bodies, minds and hearts. Living means the continuation of war with other means. The story is not told chronologically; instead, in musically composed flash-fowards and flashbacks. The unstable identities of the characters, made up of many facets, slowly develop over time.

Jossi Wieler, artistic director of the Stuttgart Opera, returns to straight theatre for the first time in six years.


I'm searching for I:N:R:I (eine kriegsfuge)

World Premiere

By Fritz Kater

Director | Jossi Wieler

Set and Costume Designer | Anja Rabes

Music | Wolfgang Siuda

Video | Chris Kondek

Dramaturgy | Jan Hein

Cast | André Jung, Fritzi Haberlandt, Manja Kuhl, Lucie Emons, Matti Krause

World premiere on 11 March 2016

at the Schauspiel Stuttgart, Kammerspiele, Germany

The performance was shown during the international theatre festival

Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen on 18 and 19 June 2016

on the small stage of the Ruhrfestspielhaus Recklinghausen.

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Pictures © Thomas Aurin


I’m searching for I:N:R:I (eine kriegsfuge) by Fritz Kater

was published in the German theatre magazine Theater der Zeit

in March 2016, this edition also included an interview with Armin Petras about his artistic direction of the Schauspiel Stuttgart.

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Fritz Kater | Jossi Wieler

11 mars - 23 juillet, 2016