Herakles Kinder | 
The Children of Herakles

Herakles Kinder Stuttgart

Euripides’ play The Children of Herakles tells the story of escape and displacement. In order to put this almost two-thousand-year-old material on stage, the Schauspiel Stuttgart has invited a mixed theatre group of refugees and students from Stuttgart University to work on this subject matter together.

Under the guidance of Adelheid Schulz and Armin Petras, refugees and actors from the company have rehearsed together on rootlessness and on the foreign, with Euripides’ text as the basis.

After Herakles’ death, his children have to flee Argos. The persecutees believe to be safe when they’ve reached the gates of Athens, and ask for asylum. Demophon, the son of the king of Athens, takes them under his protection, and thus finds himself confronted with a fatal choice: send the refugees to their certain death or risk a ferocious war for his own people.

The encounter between the professionals and the amateurs, new and long-established citizens of Stuttgart, is at the heart of this theatre project; so is the objective of learning from each other. The Schauspiel Stuttgart is planning on continuing this work beyond the performances in February. On performance days, the group will also present their own theatre work Zappzarapp (directed by Adelheid Schulz) in the Nord-Labor.


Herakles Kinder | The Children of Herakles

Based on Euripides

Artistic Direction | Armin Petras, Adelheid Schulz

Set Designer | Natascha von Steiger

Costume Designer | Cinzia Fossati

Dramaturg | Anna Haas

Cast | Nasim Alkhouli, Gari Avetissov, Pia Becker, Manolo Bertling,

Fabian Brodbeck, Silas Denz, Ibou Faye, Clara Ketterer, Matti Krause,

Marie Launay, Christian Lienou, Doris Lindner, Marietta Meguid, Jay Modi, Kimia Mokari, Feriz Redjepovski, Elmar Roloff, Arnaud Tomo Mbida,

Jacob von Römer, Michael Wörner

Opened on 11 February 2016

at the Nord, Schauspiel Stuttgart, Germany

In context of the project Nordlabor 1 — Farewell to yesterday

of the Schauspiel Stuttgart, Germany

Pictures © by Julian Marbach, Natascha von Steiger