The Dragonslayers


Throughout 2013 and 2015, all the theatres participating in the TERRORisms project presented an original play, specifically written for the project. These series of plays conveyed the means of theatre, putting forward a certain aspect of the issue, to nurture both an artistic and scientific reflection.

The newest play by Milena Marković The Dragonslayers is dedicated to Gavrilo Princip and the Mlada Bosna movement (Young Bosnia — a political movement that pleaded for the people’s emancipation from the Habsburg Empire).

A seventeen-year-old-boy with a gun, a would-be poet whose name represents a historical symbol and a frequent subject of dispute, is presented as the protagonist of this new work by Milena Marković, a poet and a dramaturg whose work is about constantly breaking down prejudices.

The piece is written as a “heroic cabaret”, in a form of an ironic history lesson, and tells the known story of the assassination using bustling poetic language to express the key demand — the demand for freedom. It is not a historical play, but a contemporary piece which examines the position of today’s young man and his need to express the demand — to be free.

Historical figures are brought to the stage, the conspirators, Young Bosnians, together with the world of ordinary people and their different understanding of the event and its essential meaning. Different characters and situations are built by eight actors that play a couple of dozen characters in a couple of dozen situations.


The Dragonslayers

Written by Milena Marković

Director | Iva Milošević

Set Designer | Gorčin Stojanović

Costume Designer | Maja Mirković

Composer and Musician | Vladimir Pejković

Choreographer | Boris Čakširan

Cast | Nikola Rakočević, Mirjana Karanović, Milan Marić, Radovan Vujović, Dubravka Kovjanić, Jovana Gavrilović and Srđan Timarov

Opened on 7 June 2014

At the Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade, Serbia

And on the stages of the UTE member theatres:

National Theatre of Prague, Czech Republic | 3 November 2014

More info on the theatre's website

Schauspielhaus Graz, Austria | 6 November 2014

More info on the theatre's website

With the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

Photos © Aleksandar Angelovski